General Information

Environmental awareness

Conferences offer the chance to exchange ideas, know-how and to build new networks very effectively. But they do have a considerable impact on the environment.

Public transport is the greener choice

Mobility usually generates the main amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by events. If you are joining Landscape 2021, we would like to encourage you to travel by train rather than by plane or car. Please use the extensive public transport network in Berlin for your daily transfers to the venue. For more details on public transport in Berlin, please check our information on the venue.

Commit yourself to eco-friendly travelling and spread the word!

You are very welcome to take part in the campaign #unter1000km! It incites voluntary commitments to refrain from short-haul business flights under 1000km distance. Take a picture of yourself during your green business trip and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook under the hashtag #unter1000km. Show your dedication to eco-friendly mobility, share your experiences and set a signal for change! You can find more information in German on the website of the campaign. Scientists for Future are also supporting #unter1000km and provide some useful background information on the campaign in English.

Offset your emissions and support climate protection projects

In some cases, travelling by train is not an option. An unreasonably long travel time, lack of convenient train connections or other possible obstacles might make a flight unavoidable. Furthermore, also train journeys causes emissions of green-house gas, though in a significantly smaller dimension than travelling by car or plane. Organisations like atmosfair and climatefair provide the option to offset the unavoidable transport-related greenhouse gas emissions caused by your trip. They are investing your compensation payment into local or global climate protection projects.